Kawasaki BA006N

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Kawasaki BA series more powerful robots for arc welding providing a high level of speed, rigidity, compact structure, reliability and ease of use. The articulated robot BA006N 6 axes, maximum reach of 1,445 mm and payload capacity of 6 kg is characterized by its hollow wrist that facilitates the management of cables and hoses around the torch for greater safety and reliability.

Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 6 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 1445 mm
Repeatability: ±0.06 mm
Controller: E01
Motion range (°)

Axis JT1: ±165°
Axis JT2: +150°/−90°
Axis JT3: +45°/−175°
Axis JT4: ±180°
Axis JT5: ±135°
Axis JT6: ±360°

Maximum speed (°/s)
Axis JT1: 240°/s
Axis JT2: 240°/s
Axis JT3: 220°/s
Axis JT4: 430°/s
Axis JT5: 430°/s
Axis JT6: 650°/s
Robot applications
Arc welding


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